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About Me     

About Me     

Contact Info
Phone: 602-369-9487

My name is Michelina Calo,
but I usually go by Micki.    

I am an Industrial and UI/UX Designer from Tempe, AZ.

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Most children grow up with blankets and stuffed animals as their childhood companions, this was not the case for me. Instead of a blanket,

I had my trusted bug vacuum. 


At one push of a button, I was able to become an explorer: conquering my backyard and cataloguing every bug I swooped up through the vacuum chamber. With a built-in magnifying glass perched perfectly on one end of the vacuum's container, I could peer into the bugs miniature world. No matter where I went, the bug vacuum went with me. It was more than just a toy, but a prized and personal possession. 

Now, I have my bug vacuum to thank for sparking my interest in products and their ability to connect with the user. To me, design should strive to achieve an emotional connection like the one I shared with my bug vacuum and to enhance that unspoken and unequaled language between the user and product. 



Industrial Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, project management, design thinking, problem solving

Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Keyshot, SolidWorks, Figma, AfterEffects, laser cutting, 3D printing, AR/VR asset creation

Design research, market research, human factors, product rendering, product photography, concept sketching, prototyping, digital sketching, illustration


Experience with working with multi-disciplinary teams, diverse background with emphasis

on Industrial Design, UI/UX design and Biological/Medical Studies



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Making & eating spicy foods​

Hiking with my Husky

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Video games

Collecting trading cards


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