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VELOS VR - NASA BIG Idea Challenge 2020 Finalist, Spring 2020

Worked on design of VELOS VR portion of the Luminosity Lab's NASA BIG Idea Challenge 2020 Submission.


The Luminosity Lab's submission went on to win as a NASA BIG Idea Challenge Finalist. This award was bestowed by NASA and NIA is granted to teams who have demonstrated impressive innovation in exploring the moons Permanently Shaded Regions. 

The VR portion of the VELOS submission portrayed the VELOS Launcher process through an interactive, first-person experience as though you were really there on the moon for your mission. 

I was lucky to work on ideating for the VR portion, such as incorporating game-like features to make the experience more enticing and entertaining for the user. I also modeled the Lander for the final VR demonstration.

Lander Model & Renderings

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